Who We Are

About Us

We are theGROUP, a leading bipartisan Washington, D.C. government relations firm. Our team wields more than 75-years of collective experience in business and government. Members of our team have served as senior advisors to presidential campaigns, worked within the White House and U.S. federal agencies, and advised leadership of both the U.S. House and Senate.

Clients seek us out because we know the people, processes, policies and politics required to successfully navigate Washington’s ever-shifting terrain.

We Approach Relationships Differently

Our success in transforming complex challenges into positive outcomes is due in large part to how we cultivate relationships. The opposite of transactional, we endeavor to build meaningful connections. We put you first, focusing our energy on proactively finding ways to elevate you and your organization. Our approach, we believe, is the reason why we enjoy such deep, and meaningful principal-level relationships across the federal government  and beyond.

We enjoy genuine relationships with the senior Democratic leadership in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and we are proud of our deep and abiding relationship with the Congressional Black Caucus.

In addition to elected and appointed officials, we have relationships with a diverse group of leaders who drive the conversation in Washington, D.C. and play a major role in shaping U.S. foreign policy, as well as economic and regulatory policy both domestically and abroad.

We Are Your Champions

We deliver mission-critical, measurable results for Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, foreign and tribal governments, political campaigns, investors and entrepreneurs that rely on us to get things done.

As your trusted advisors, we address the specific challenge at hand, while always keeping in mind the greater picture: your organization’s goals and top priorities. We remain vigilant on your behalf, offering opportunities, insights and ideas that are aligned with what your organization values most.

When it is time to engage on your behalf, we roll up our sleeves and jump in.

Our Values


We continually earn our clients’ trust by reliably doing what we say and consistently delivering on the commitments we make. We honor our relationships by practicing discretion in all we do, and we get things done by placing the emphasis where it belongs: on the objectives and wishes of our clients.


Family is fundamental to who we are. We encourage a sense of belonging among our team members by cultivating a fun and fulfilling workplace where people are respected and stimulated, allowing them to thrive.



We achieve success by adding value to each relationship and by delivering results to reach the goals that we define together with each client. Our desire to win drives us beyond the obvious to consider paths less traveled and never traveled. This desire fuels our creativity and innovative spirit.


We believe variety of thought and perspective is a key driver for better decisions and outcomes for our clients, our team and society-at-large. We actively pursue the addition of diverse voices, viewpoints and issues to the conversation.


We are a unique collective. We leverage our collective experience and perspectives to provide the best solutions for our clients. We actively seek opportunities to grow our people and expand their capacity to lead by sharing responsibility and authority.

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